University Hospital vision 2020 strategic facilities program

A renowned construction company has helped establish a particular team of experts to centralize and support the several services within the specific budget given by VTI Consultants of the $1 billion vision 2020 building program for university hospitals. Three major projects are Seidman Cancer Center as a new, outstanding hospital that includes 120 patients’ rooms in five different nursing units. This particular facility is acquired as only the fifth location globally, including an integrated positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Machine. Another medical center gets renovation and names as Ahuja medical center, including a new, 144-bed community hospital, medical office building, and a central working plant that is particularly aligned on a greenfield campus. Apart from that, the third one is named Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. This hospital involves extensive renovations to the neonatal care unit, whereas the hospital was operational and includes 33 level IV beds.

While collaborating with all of the above-given hospitals, this project’s contractor has consulted VTI Consultants to have professional construction consulting services and CPM Scheduling. Our experts have managed to deal with this project professionally and lead it towards success. The contractor’s team standardizes U.H. ‘s procedures for different items such as submittals, safety, procurement, invoicing, site planning, scheduling, diversity, community outreach, and effective reporting to ensure uniform activity within the project construction. This contractor evaluates a construction cost of $158 million for these construction projects.