Construction Consulting Services

As the name suggests, Versatile (VTI) Consultants have diverse construction consulting services and the versatile portfolio we have built over the past decade.

Our Construction Consulting Services include:

  • Project planning
  • Construction scheduling
  • Define the schedule
  • Monitoring through project controls
  • Smart CPM Scheduling accompanied with WBS
  • Resource/Cost loading
  • Earn value analysis
  • Claims consulting

Our project planning begins with the scope of work and several objectives that serve as the course of action taken until the final step of a construction project. Our project planning later serves as the foundation for cost estimating, scheduling, project control, quality & safety. Our Construction Consultant assists several owners, clients, contractors with the services they need at each stage of their project completion.

Construction Consulting Services

We provide a complete array of CPM schedules to our clients like contractors, owners, and subcontractors as a reliable construction consulting company. Our Construction Consultants begins with a baseline schedule, project control, time impact analysis, delay analysis, claims and change orders.

Our Deliverables:

Our construction consulting services cover the essential controls, precise refining, defining the scope and certain course of actions. Our Construction Consultant not only set forth a baseline schedule but also monitor delays and escalations. Our Project consulting services consulted clients to define a baseline (as built) schedule, mitigate delays, present claims, and incorporate best practices to foster successful completion.

Use of Software for Construction Consulting Services:

Our Construction consultants are adept enough to deliver proactive construction consulting services by utilizing the latest construction management software and stood as a competitive construction consulting company. We use the following latest construction consulting software.

  • Primavera
  • Sure track
  • Fast track
  • Clamdigger
  • MS Project

Upload documents that define the scope of work (drawings, specifications). We will review and get back with a questionnaire about the project, quote, and expected completion date.

Our portfolio of Construction Consulting projects

Our construction consultant assists a wide range of services to owners, contractors, government agencies, engineers, architects, insurance companies, service owners, contractors, and financial institutions. Below given are the few representative construction industrial, residential and commercial projects.

  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Government
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure
  • Power
  • Residential and Mixed-use
  • Oil, gas, and Chemicals

Our Construction Consulting Experiences

Our expert construction consultants deliver all construction consulting services on behalf of the contractor, subcontractor, managers, architects and engineers. Our clients witness several problems in their construction projects that cause delay, disruptions, acceleration, and other impacts. Concerning this, VTI’s professional construction consultant evaluates and claim to resolve the issues that lead a construction project towards success.


How much accuracy do we ensure in our array of construction consulting services?

Our expert Construction consultants and CPM Scheduling Consultants have a diverse skillset and experience to assist our clients, including construction managers, engineers, schedulers, and claim consultants. We handle everything from estimating and preparing bids to build and manage their construction project.

Our reliable project consulting services rely on the CPM (Critical Path Method) Scheduling principles to deconstruct the project’s scope. It identifies the procurement level of project tasks through a CPM network and completes it within a certain time. Our skilled project management consultants facilitate CPM Scheduling for your particular project to complete on time.

How will our baseline schedule and project control to foster success for your project?

Our baseline schedules forecast and track progress on a project from accomplishing contract milestones to retain its cost complaint. A change from the traditional baseline will make the project controls being vicious in monitoring progress and quality.

Our CPM schedule is fluid and realistically adaptable to keep changes on course. We utilize several professional software, i.e., Primavera, MS Project, Claims digger, to ensure project control metrics, Critical Path Method, Acceleration claims, Schedule delay analysis and risk analysis.

Why do you need VTI consultants for the Construction Consulting of your project?

Our direct approach is to discover our lacking and value our responsive strategies to provide cost-effective solutions that match your project’s requirements. We begin our construction consulting according to your expectations, a comprehensive review of your project specifications, and working with all the participants to deliver you professional construction consulting services.

Why should you acquire a construction consultant from VTI consultants?

Our Construction consulting company is distinguished among others in the construction consultant market. We ensure the following in our project consulting services:

Single Shop:

Our single door shop and expert management team deliver a full array of project management services. Click here for a comprehensive discussion on construction management services.

Rapid Turnaround and practical Scheduling results

VTI believes in rapid turnaround cost estimates along with practical scheduling results.

Customer Support

Contact VTI through phone call or email. Our hardworking customer support team will assist you with an immediate response and deal with your concerns to address promptly.

One Point of Contact

VTI delivers its clients a primary POC to simplify communication lines and provide them with one informed person and call regarding their portfolio’s issue specifically.


We usually manage time to understand our clients’ unique business demands and relate them effectively to the project.

Well Informed

Our experience generally covers all the construction elements, from building and managing work in a particular field to estimate and prepare bids. We also include contributions to our breadth of knowledge regarding technical details, specs, and schedule requirements.


Our expert team has worked directly with a comprehensive range of project owners, different project types, delivery methods.


We have reliable schedulers and consultants to execute your requirements and the required detail level in a minute time than other firms.

Successful project delivery

Our client receives on-time, within budget, and a quality-controlled product through utilizing our expertise, commitment, and hands-on project management teamwork.

Comprehensive Inspection

VTI analyses the work through conception to completion, coordinating subcontracting work, permitting, submittal approvals, and procurement chain to deliver a comprehensive schedule on which you can rely on managing your project.

Resource Loading

Our VTI Schedule reflects your unique crew, equipment, subcontractors, and material capabilities needed for any project.

Flexible dealing

Our team will continue to use the best and most appropriate elements of construction consulting services by our advisors. We maintain continuity of information and contacts where applicable. If you deliver an already-developed schedule on Microsoft Project, SureTrak, or a handwritten schedule, we will provide the final product that you are searching for.

Secure and Loyal

Our fully acquainted team deals with confidentiality issues and client needs with due diligence. Our clients are trustworthy and repeatedly came to experiences our project consulting services.


Our construction consultants maintain working relationships with their respective clients. You can expect a professional consultant who knows a great deal about the relevant art of listening and understanding the client’s demand.

Staffing cost

We are available to pay for whatever they demand and assist them without the overhead costs. Our particular job is to ensure our delivery of expert services value to the client’s business.


Our expert project consulting services are risk-free. We allow our customers not to pay until they are not satisfied with the final product.

Long-lasting relationship

Our main goal is to establish a long-lasting relationship with our clients by facilitating high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Construction Consulting Services

How to begin with our consultants?

To start with the project, VTI works effectively to accommodate clients with scheduling demands. Our effective processes are flexible, and our clients follow few common steps that are as follows.

  • Contact us now and upload your documents that explain the main scope of work, whether it’s drawings, specifications, and other pertinent documentation.
  • Our expert construction consultant will send you a questionnaire to answer the project within a few hours. It follows our quote, expected completion date, and professional services agreement.
  • Once we receive your signed professional services agreement, our team will start working on it. The first complete draft will be sent to you for review and follow-up with a phone call to discuss any necessary adjustments.

Which software do we utilize in our consulting services?

Our expert construction consultant mainly uses professional software to deliver effective construction management services. A few of them are written below.

Oracle Primavera P6

This leading software is useful to deal with a project, resource, and portfolio management. VTI Consultants have experts that can easily utilize, implement, and train different construction projects through Primavera P6. Our expert construction consultant demonstrates a history of expert proficiency in consulting project management and project controls using Primavera Software. Our professional contractors develop an in-depth knowledge of all Primavera software and apply P6’s functionality in it.

Project Management – Gantt
Project Management- Gantt Chart

Resource Management – Periodic Usage Chart
Resource Management- Periodic Usage Chart
Planning a construction consulting company
Planning a construction consulting company
Collaboration -Presentation of High-level information.
Portfolio Management- Status of My projects
Portfolio Management- Status of My projects
Construction scheduling- Bar Chart with a summary
Construction scheduling- Bar Chart with a summary

MS Project:

MS Project is an industry-standard project management tool by Microsoft Office. We are well equipped to use this software and allow our users to extract scheduling and financial insights from different projects. We assist everyone through communicating critical project information and centralize essential data in one place to result in higher performance. This tool also delivers users the ability to create an extensive report that shows the completion time of different projects.

Microsoft Project – Critical
Microsoft Project – Critical Tasks

Microsoft Project – Resource Overview
Microsoft Project – Multiple Timeline View


Revit can assist you in delivering enhanced geometric models to interpret and visualize complicated project plans. We allow our users to develop models and drawings in both 2D and 3D concepts. Unlike other applications, Revit mainly manages the creation of 2D and 3D pictures simultaneously. Revit delivers effective landscape design, parametric components, and energy-efficient design.

Revit-3D building

Revit-3D Modeling BIM
Revit-BIM Modeling

Are you exploring “Construction Consulting Services near me”?

Our construction consultants are efficient enough to deliver construction consulting services near your locality. We are readily available to manage your construction project by providing a complete array of CPM Schedules to our clients like contractors, owners, and subcontractors. Our construction consultant works, to begin with, a baseline schedule, project control, time impact analysis, delay analysis, claims and change orders.