City of Palm Coast City Hall

VTI Consultants has remarkably performed their Construction Consulting Services and Construction Claim Consulting services for the freshly built 45000 square feet, double-story city hall building located in Palm Coast Central Park. A professional construction company accompanies the offices of the new city manager, building/planning department, code enforcement, engineering, I.T., customer services, human resources, financing, and accounting. This particular site work has now included surface parking for different city employees and visitors, underground utilities, and landscaping. This specific building structure is now compromising to tilt-up concrete walls that allow quick tracking of the schedule and structural steel framing along with metal decks, roofing aluminum windows, and storefront. One of the most prominent features of the north elevation’s main entrance is a large clock tower that extends 20 feet above the building’s main roof.

It took three to four years to complete it, and during the whole process, the owner’s budget fluctuated and deduced 30 percent of the project—the project schedules and plans to procure with the help of expert CPM Schedulers and consultants. The contractors working on this project also approach a bid strategy that includes 15 bid alternates and more than 54 value engineering options to help the owner enhance the scope in the first phase of work. Different political nature of the project and owner tends to maximize the participation of the local subcontractors.