Schedule Delay Analysis Consultants

VTI Consultants is one of the industry’s leading experts in delivering unmatched schedule delay management services. Our expert schedule delay analysis consultants specialize in construction claims analysis, preparing, and processing in several construction projects worldwide. We have talented schedule delay consultants to assist you by providing ongoing support throughout the process.

Our construction schedule delay consultants have vast experience working with contractors and construction managers to prove our construction schedule delay services differentiate in various project situations. VTI Consultants has a team of experts that delivers you a distinctive explanation of schedule delay consulting services.

Schedule Delay Analysis

Our Schedule Delay Management Services by Schedule Delay Analysis Consultants

Our expert schedule delay analysis consultants deliver comprehensive construction schedule delay services and involve few events to excuse the contractor from any requirement relevant to a construction delay. The most common factor includes are earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, wars, labor strikes, and specific sabotage or terrorist acts.

Types of Schedule Delay Consulting Services

Our expert schedule delay analysis consultants deliver the following types of construction schedule delay services.

Excusable Delay

Excusable delay is one of the major types of delays that require a contractor to demand more time to complete specific tasks like Window Delay Analysis. Such delays mainly occur due to several reasons that are not in the control of any contractor. We analyze more classification that is relevant to this delay and explained below:

  • Few Delays are beyond the control of any contractor. They occur due to some natural circumstances like weather conditions, natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, etc.), wars or national crises, or any labor strike during the construction. Our expert schedule delay consultants extract time impact analysis and window delay analysis to most likely entitle the contractor to a specific time extension and consider as non-compensable delays.
  • Few Delays occur by the owner or the designer (architect/engineer) to allows the contractor or recover the costs and time associated with the delay. It is also known as compensable delays.

Non-Excusable Delay

We do not show similar conditions to excusable delays and no contractor shows its involvement to have time extension or monetary compensation in non-excusable dealy. We assist contractors to expects this delay under normal conditions that are mentioned below.

Few conditions occur like slow mobilization, poor workmanship, labor strikes due to unfair labor practices, accidents in the project site caused by contractor’s negligence or lack of preparation. We evaluate that it might occur due to late delivery of equipment, cash-flow problems, adverse weather conditions, and lack of expert labor.

Concurrent Delay

In concurrent delay, we involve a combination of two or more independent causes of delay during a specific period. The two reasons behind this might be an excusable or non-excusable delay.

Few common scheduling mistakes occur in delay claims by contractors

Our schedule delay consultants have evaluated few mistakes that show involvement during delay claims, specifically in Construction delay claims. Below is the list of some common errors by contractors.

  • Few baseline schedules do not show any logic.
  • Those baseline schedules are built with dates, not with logical activities.
  • Excess usage of constraints that cannot react to logic and other changes.
  • Removal of footprints is also known as the as-built schedule. It neither has any impressions nor any baseline to compare its progress.
  • Unreliable baseline schedules, no confirmation either it is legal or a binding document.
  • Illogical errors in schedules during window delay analysis devalue the importance of the schedule and cause it to throw out of the court in any dispute.
  • No periodic updates
  • Lack of effective documentation
  • No reasonable time contingency
  • No effective allocation of limited resources.

Our Deliverable

Our expert schedule delay analysis consultants documented all the relevant information into a single comprehensive project database while delivering schedule delay consulting services. A construction delay claims, prevention and resolution, are utilized along with the following documentation.


  • A baseline schedule includes both electronic and printed reports in the main office and field office.
  • Include periodic updates in both the printout (bar chart/ other reports) in an electronic copy of the CPM schedule.
  • Change orders.
  • A daily log of Project Manager either in an electronic logbook or daily logbook. The daily logbook includes specific information relevant to
    • Weather conditions
    • Work professional during that day.
    • Several workers on any site and entities.
    • Equipment on site along with different conditions
    • A specific material is delivered to a site along with any inspection record.
    • Material usage
    • Telephonic calls
    • Visitors
    • Accidents happened on site
    • Other events relevant to project.
  • Job diary book for time impact analysis.
  • Shop drawings and material Samples.
  • Transmittals record like RFI (Request for Information) and RFC (Request for clarification).
  • Complete correspondence of owner, architect/engineer, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers, or other contracting parties.
  • Effective correspondence with a home office.
  • Procurement records
  • Government records such as permits, code nonconformance and OSHA forms/citations.
  • Records for payments (owner to the general contractor and general contractor to his specific sub contractors and vendors).
  • Emails, electronic schedules, electronic submittals

Our effective documentation system involves the information in a well-organized fashion that is genuinely efficient and easy to recover.

Construction Delay Claim resolution

We deliver construction delay claim analysis because it is a part of the contract to begin and move on efficiently towards the next level. Our Dispute resolution is an effective alternative to a court system because it is lengthy, costly, and complicated. We also involve arbitration as an effective method in our delay claims.


Our expert schedule delay consultants utilize arbitration as a formal process and act as independent professional arbitrators. Our experts bind both parties without any enforcement power to reduce an enforceable judgment by a court of law.

Upload documents that define the scope of work (drawings, specifications). We will review and get back with a questionnaire about the project, quote and expected completion date.

How our CPM Schedules work for your delay claims?

delay claims

Claimant delivers at least two CPM schedules, one without the change impact and one with effects, in a bid to prove that the change causes the claimed delay. At the same point, an investigator develops CPM schedules by representing how each factor is different from one another to mean the alleged delay. VTI Consultants help both resolve issues and use work breakdown structure (WBS) to deliver effective CPM Schedules.

Work Breakdown Structure

Our expert involves work breakdown structure while delivering Schedule Delay Analysis. Work breakdown structure (WBS) is helpful to store and unify all the documentation and data for each construction feature. It is a task-oriented, comprehensive breakdown of activities that involves graphical displays of the total work to achieve the project’s final objective. We use the WBS method to direct an extensive detail of the project.

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We are one of the industry’s leading experts to deliver unmatched schedule delay management services. Our schedule delay analysis consultants specifically specialize in construction claims analysis, preparation and process the different construction projects. The common factors we researched are earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, labor strikes, wars and different terrorist acts.