Construction Claims Consultants

Our Construction Claims Consultants will help you to navigate construction claims that mainly arise throughout your project. VTI Consultants usually believe in the most effective construction claim consulting before having a dispute on any particular job site.

Our construction claims consultants are expert enough to effectively identify, analyze, prepare and present construction claims on different construction projects.

Construction Claim Consulting

Our construction claims consulting clients

VTI Consultants deals with a variety of clients for claims consulting services. Few of them are as follows.

  • >Real Estate owners.
  • Contractors.
  • Law firms.
  • Insurance companies

How our Construction Claims Consultants prevent delays or resolve claims?

Claimant delivers at least two CPM schedules, one without the change impact and one with effects, to prove that the change by the claimed delay. At the same point, the investigator develops CPM schedules by representing one specific factor isolated from other elements to mean the alleged delay. Our Construction Claims Consultants help the investigator have a reliable and accurate CPM Schedule to prove against claimants.

Type of Construction Claims Consulting

Our construction claims consulting are categorised into different types that are as follows.


There are several scenarios during Construction Claims Consulting Services that varies with a significant factor of timing. The timing of changes makes a big difference, and later it varies according to its expenses. There are several reasons for a claim that arises on a construction project. Following are the reasons.

Changes in the owner’s requirements

We constitute a change to the contract and delivers a foundation for different change orders. Owners naturally encourage their demands within the limit of their budget.

Design errors or omissions

We deal with different design errors because it is the main requirement of a contractor to perform additional work. Not every omission forms the basis of a compensable claim. Usually, courts reject contractor claims where a claim is obvious that helps the contractor to discover it during bidding. A contractor must have to inquire about different design errors before submitting a bid.

Differing site conditions

We assist several contractors who face problems in several site conditions. A contractor demands a claim if its actual site differs from the mentioned one and encounter an issue that doesn’t mention in the contract documents. A contractor face no evidence of adverse natural conditions. The main reason for differing site conditions is when the architect utilizes an ineffective old site plan and finds a temporary structure that needs to demolish or relocate a utility pole. It’s a useful idea for the owner to deliver accurate information about a site and contractors to visit the site before mobilization.

Adverse weather conditions

Many contracts demand construction claims consulting from us because we assist them to include weather delays without time extensions. Such delays are unexpected and unusual geographically.

Claims consulting services

Several project participants initiate claims against other participants. VTI Consultants have reliable Construction Claims Consulting Services for its clients because many architects have different claims against an owner or vice versa. A supplier generally has claims against the contractor or owner. Contractors are responsible for performing physical work in the project. Claims are not a negative thing or indicate any confrontation. Different claims are entirely legitimate and resolve the satisfaction of both parties.

Delay Claims

Our delay claims are mainly for extension of contract time and monetary compensation. Our expert Claims Consultants initiate change orders upon the request of the owner, contractor, subcontractor, etc.

Scope Creeps

It is an uncontrolled and unauthorized growth of a project’s deliverables and specific work required to complete it due to incremental changes in the original scope. It is categorized as kitchen sink syndrome or needs creep. Scope creep occurs with an addition of a project without accounting for additional budget, time and resources, or the customer’s approval. It is also considered a significant cause of a project failure.

Upload documents that define the scope of work (drawings, specifications). We will review and get back with a questionnaire about the project, quote, and expected completion date.

What are the types of delays in a construction project?

Our construction claims consultants consulted various delays that have different scenarios based on the configuration of the project:

Excusable delay

We deal with such delays that force contractors to have additional time for the completion of their work. It is further classified into two different things that are as follows.

  • Delays that do not control a contractor due to unusual weather conditions, natural disasters, wars or national crises, and labor strikes.
  • Delays by the owner allow the contractor to recover the costs and time associated with the delay.

Non-excusable delay:

Our experts deal with the non-excusable delay for our contractors that doesn’t entitle time extension and monetary compensation.

Concurrent Delay:

We deal with concurrent delay to entitle two independent causes of uncertainty during a specific general period. These delays are also excusable and non-excusable for contractors.

What are the benefits of having construction claims consulting services from us?

Our professional construction claims consultant delivers reliable construction claims consulting services to different clients like Real Estate owners, Contractors, Law firms, Insurance companies, etc. We are recognised as top-rated construction claims consulting firm because our expert claims consultant has a diverse experience of serving international clients in a versatile way that mainly differentiates us from competitors.

  • Our Construction Claims Consultants opt a unique approach in claims consulting services begin with CPM scheduling to ensure either a project has a clear definition and optimised schedule. It assists in the analysation of potential project delays.
  • VTI Consultants helps to unrivalled in preventing, mitigating, and resolving construction claims. Our claims consultant has experience of working with contractual parties to settle claims and disputes without litigation.
  • VTI Consultants will help you to resolve your disagreement issues by delivering the best possible outcome.
  • Our construction claims consultants work effectively to provide expert services for mediation, arbitration and complete claims analysis to ensure successful claims resolution.

Why do you need to hire a construction claims consultant from VTI Consultants?

hire a claims consultant

Hiring our construction claim consultant will help you prevent main issues from arising with a project movement. Our construction claims consulting services will benefit your project with the followings.

  • Avoid having value-destroying projects.
  • Pursue strategic growth opportunities
  • Executive-level demands
  • Reduce cost overruns
  • Improve your ability to manage and reduce project risk and effective allocation of specific risks by elevating accountability.
  • Increase alignment of different business processes, people, and technology.

Cost Escalation

VTI Consultants can create historical pricing profiles for several construction materials by utilizing several pricing indexes and historical data. Our cost escalation analyses pricing adjustments are helpful in conjunction with the following services.

  • Contract Administration
  • Construction Cost Estimating
  • Mediation and Arbitration support
  • Litigation Support

It plays a pivotal role in drafting contract documents and forensic expert reports that witness testimony for litigation support.

Are you exploring Construction Claims Consultants near me?

VTI Consultants have expert Construction Claims Consultants to assist you by navigating construction claims that commonly arise throughout your construction project. We believe in the most effective construction claim consulting before having a dispute on any particular Jobsite. We are expert enough to identify, analyze, prepare and present construction claims on your construction project.