Arizona State Forensic Hospital

The up-gradation of Arizona State Forensic Hospital is managed by a renowned company named Gilbane Building Company. This construction building has performed their expertise through their construction manager for the new and up to date 104,000 square feet Arizona State Forensic Hospital. They plan to replace the existing 1654 outdated facility that delivers secure housing and active treatment for mentally ill patients who are found guilty of their crimes. Now the construction company has consulted us for reliable construction consulting services. VTI Consultants has managed to perform expert CPM Scheduling, Construction Consulting, and Construction Claim Consulting services to this project. New construction has begun on the same occupied Arizona State Forensic Hospital. It is also surrounded by active security throughout the construction process. This project gets lead among other competitors with the help of professional contractors and reliable construction consulting services.

This project involves the construction of a few new buildings and demolition and renovation of the existing ones. It includes the construction of 114 patients’ rooms of approximately 6547 square feet with private bathrooms. Moreover, it also involves professional intensive care unit, therapy mal (includes single-story medical neural-geriatric unit, double story medical to high acuity patients associated through social rehabilitation center that helps through training for daily life), support areas (includes meeting, therapy, isolation, testing, visitor center, dining, security control, and sally port areas), technological advancement with infrared detection and security cameras for different treatment options, exterior construction with stiff materials and various upgraded security features.