CPM Scheduling Services

VTI Consultants performs efficient CPM scheduling services in the competitive market of the construction management industry. Our competent CPM Scheduling consultants have a diverse knowledge of the construction industry plan and client’s entire project from the first day. We usually allocate the required resources accurately and anticipate risks before they occur. Our scheduling consultants utilize the most efficient industry principles of CPM (Critical Path Method) and produces reliable, timelines schedules and helps project managers to deliver all the projects within a specific time.

Our Clients

Our project clients demand accurate project events and curative actions to resolve their potential problems. VTI Consultants deal with a diverse number of clients to deliver CPM Scheduling Services. A few of them are listed below:

  • Project managers
  • Owners
  • Contractors
  • Government agencies
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Construction professionals

Our CPM Scheduling Software

Our expert CPM Scheduling Consultants utilizes different modern software to deliver accurate schedules of your construction project. A few of them are listed below.

  • Oracle Primavera P6
  • Microsoft Project
  • Fast track
  • Sure track.

It helps in construct, control, and analyze schedules throughout the projects’ lifetime.

Our Portfolio of CPM Scheduling Services

We have experienced many clients from different perspectives of projects that cover several service areas. Our Scheduling consultant delivers their services to various clients like project managers, construction professionals, insurance companies, contractors, owners, architects, engineers, and many more. Below given are our several construction Commercial, Residential and Industrial sectors.

  • Multi and Mixed-use
  • Education
  • Oil, Gas, and Chemicals
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Government
  • Industrial
  • Power
  • Infrastructure

Our CPM Scheduling Services Projects

Here are our few successful projects that have rendered our CPM scheduling services:

  • Lantana by Buckner Dallas Tx
  • Point audition hotel Mineola NY
  • NFL-Fishery Plant Florence SC
  • Modern Beach Hotel
  • Yellow Gate library
  • Foreign Plaza Hotel
  • 45 Fulton Street
  • 474 -2nd Avenue

Why is it necessary to schedule a project?

VTI Consultant mainly utilizes standard industry scheduling methods and different software to develop, monitor, and report the effective progression of construction projects.

Our (Critical Path Method) CPM Scheduling Services is also known as a project management methodology that allows companies to expose all aspects of project scopes, needs, and required sequences to identify critical and high-risk tasks. It is usually done before a project is constructed and other potential problems are exposed late.

We include all essential tasks, estimated durations, crucial resources like labor and equipment to manage relationships that demand to accomplish the task scopes. The main network calculations also examine critical driving paths that result in few tasks and late dates. We also involve floats and estimated milestones for project completion.

Critical Path Method usually begins with certain field information to fully update through adding modifications at different intervals.

Upload project files that define the scope of work (drawings, specifications). We will review and get back with a questionnaire about the project, quote, and expected completion date.

Our Distinctive Features

Our CPM Scheduling Services have different types that are as follows:

Comprehensive CPM Services:

Our comprehensive CPM Services entails the following services:

  • Project team participation
  • Proper application of relationships
  • Effective organization and WBS/Coding
  • A commonality in industry terminology
  • Rigorous and accurate updating practices
  • Buy in and use through all members of the project team
  • Through analysis and dissemination of schedule determinations
  • Provocative work, resource and equipment flow
CPM Scheduling Services

Recovery and Revised Schedule

Recovery and revised schedule have effective deviations from certain requirements in the construction schedule practice. There are many advantages and disadvantages of CPM Scheduling services around the world. We also differentiate through the scheduling software and accomplishes individual activities, and applies to WBS elements.

Resource/Cost Loading

Resource leveling maintains a constant use of a resource throughout the project’s life for an extensive continuous segment. Our main objective is to improve the efficiency of resource utilization during the complete lifecycle of the project.

There are numerous reasons for resource and cost loading that are mentioned below:

  • Demand by the project specification
  • A specific earned value is applied.
  • Your specific company demand to plan/track a resource flow
  • Resources are generally in a specific area, and level is done.
  • Your schedule updates use as a payment application.
  • It requires the schedule to contain 100% fully loaded costs.
  • Subcontractors are usually demanding to provide cost breakdowns.
  • An effective practice.

Cash Flow Schedule

Our cash flow projection proves as an essential aspect to manage the business to satisfy the owner by understanding a company’s income from their project for a financial year and available working capital at the critical point of time. Thus, our cash flow projections usually are lower for new business owners and higher for a company to operate a business for a longer time.

Monthly updated schedules

Our CPM Scheduling consultants believe that it takes time, consistency, and accuracy s to update a project schedule that is acute to successful project control and planning. We manage all the actual costs and forecast their completion.

We take a piece of information from the field office during the updating period to involve historical knowledge and job knowledge to revise a short-term future forecast. All of this information assimilates, and its schedule is completely updated.

Our Deliverables

CPM Scheduling Services

We mainly deliver our scheduling projects into the following set of formats for our respected clients.

  • CPM Schedule in PDF Format
  • Primavera or MS project file or related software file
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Master plan with a critical path

Our CPM Scheduling Methods

Our CPM Scheduling services is applicable through different methods to attain accuracy in our schedules for construction projects.

Bar Charts and Linked Bar Charts

Bar Charts are the easiest and an extensive way of using schedule in construction management. A typical bar chart elaborates a list of activities like start, duration, and finish of every activity shown as a bar plot to a specific time scale. Along with other scheduling techniques, the final schedule mainly represents the form of the bar chart.

Line of Balance

We use this method as a useful planning technique for repetitive work. The basis of this relevant technique relies on searching for the required resources at a certain stage of operation to follows steps with the target output. Our line of balance technique is applicable in the construction work to house building and lessens the extent to a particular job and conjunction of networks to road works.

Network Analysis and Critical Path Method

A practical network analysis delivers a lot more than a bar chart. A self-contained step of a network applies to complex operations than the bar chart. We impose a greater rigor by the logic diagram to produce more realistic models of the proposed work. We involve listing different activities to create a network that shows the logical relationship between the movements.

Q Scheduling

Our Q-Scheduling technique usually acquires quick popularity among contracting firms. We usually deal with this scheduling technique to reveal a particular relation between continuing a job and incurring costs. Our technique is similar to the balance line and other modifications to allow different construction project variants or locations.

Float Analysis:

Float is the maximum amount of an activity delay without delaying the early start of a few successful activities. It doesn’t harm the project’s overall schedule. Our float analysis explicitly defines these activities with color schemes in the master plan that makes clear sense to the end-user. It varies in different types that are as follows:

  • Free Float
  • Total Float
  • Lag and Lead
  • Interfering float
  • Independent float


Why do you need CPM Scheduling consultants for your project?

CPM Scheduling Consultants discovers our lacking and values through different responsive strategies to deliver budget-friendly solutions similar to your project requirements. We usually begin by analyzing our expectations, project reviews, specifications and working with diverse CPM Scheduling Consultants to provide you with accurate CPM project scheduling services.

How can our CPM Scheduling services bring successful completion to your milestones?

Our clients have retained on time and on-budget completion through our diverse portfolio of Complex commercial and High-end industrial projects. Our baseline schedules have proper resource allocation schemes with WBS, and project controls have kept the project on track with a success rate of 92%.

Why should you augment your project management to our CPM scheduling consultants?

Many contracting corporations and management firms have augmented/outsourced CPM scheduling services from our CPM Scheduling consultants. In this way, their in-house team has focused solely on day-to-day operations and cash flows management.

How to begin with our consultants?

VTI effectively works to deliver the practical scheduling needs of our clients. Our flexible CPM scheduling process follows the few below given steps.

  • Upload your documents that explain the essential work scope relevant to drawings, specifications, and other documentation.
  • Our effective CPM scheduling consultant will send you a questionnaire to answer the projects within a few hours. It usually follows our quote, completion date, and professional services agreement.
  • After receiving your agreement, our team will begin the CPM scheduling of your project. The first draft will be delivered to you for review and will follow a call session to discuss any particular adjustments.

Are you exploring “CPM Scheduling services near me”?

Our CPM Scheduling Consultants manages to deliver your professional and reliable CPM Scheduling Services near your local area. VTI Consultants is a dedicated platform to manage a team of competent CPM Scheduling consultants to allocate the required resources and anticipate risks before occurring accurately. We utilize the most efficient industry principles of CPM (Critical Path Method) and deliver reliable, timeliness schedules and assist project managers in providing all the projects within a specific time.

Our Services

VTI Consultants offers a large number of CPM Scheduling services to their client. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Preliminary Schedules
  • Construction consulting services
  • Risk Analysis
  • Critical Path Method Scheduling
  • Program Management Schedules
  • Planned and As-built analyses schedules
  • 4D BIM and Scheduling
  • Construction Scheduling
  • Owner representative services
  • Augmented reality
  • Linear schedule analysis
  • Time impact analysis
  • Earned Value analysis
  • Periodic scheduling updates
  • Liner schedules
  • Resource and cost loaded schedules.
  • Construction Project Acceleration
  • Schedule delay analysis and quantification
  • Total float management
  • Time impact analysis
  • Monte Carlo risk simulations
  • Window analysis
  • Critical chain method analysis
  • Collapsed as-built