Primavera Scheduling Services

primavera scheduling servicesVTI Consultants effectively delivers primavera scheduling services to communicate, plan, and analyze a project’s scope and schedule. Primavera project scheduling consultants mainly provide proactive and forensic consulting services through up-to-date and modern construction management technology.

Our primavera consulting services are advanced enough to allow our consultants to plan and execute work priorities and complete the project effectively. Our expert primavera scheduling consultants identify and eliminate future delays and cost overruns by integrating a construction project’s cost.

What are the key benefits of having Primavera Scheduling Services?

Our Primavera Scheduling Consultants extensively use the Primavera scheduling software to assist you with the following.

  • We plan and schedule projects quickly and easily.
  • Our team identifies all the critical paths within a project through float path analysis.
  • We generate primavera schedules from engineers, architects, subcontractors, and owners to manage a master program schedule.
  • We create attractive and customizable graphics that include Gantt charts, Activity Network Diagrams, Timescale Logic Diagrams, and Histograms.
  • Our rapid planning for the future days, weeks, or months ensures that everyone knows the reality of their responsibilities.
  • We control budgets, different changes, and estimates while completing a successful project delivery.
  • We allocate several resources of different activities to use distribution curves that accurately reflects the work performance of a construction project.
  • We analyze few changes between different versions of schedules with claim digger to fully understand the updated progress.
  • We improve collaboration through quick emailing of entire projects with a single tap of a button.
  • We efficiently exchange data with all the primavera scheduling projects, primavera contract management, and MS Project
  • Our coordination of labor, material, equipment and subcontractors ensure on-schedule, and on-budget completion
  • We compare your baseline budgets to the actual costs and work performance while maintaining a different version of costs to complete estimations
  • We create unlimited “What-if” scenarios
  • We evaluate the risk of documents and calculation of risk exposure values and impacts on the different project schedules, costs, and durations
  • We build a threshold for tolerable project performance and align notification while performing outside of the acceptable performance window
  • Our experts perform earned value analysis with the use of past performances to get accurate costs for the completion

How our Primavera Scheduling Consultants work for scheduling projects?

We deliver primavera scheduling services to manipulate the windows and different features listed below.


Our primavera scheduling consultants preview the enterprise project structure (EPS) and navigate different projects. Our expert primavera project scheduling consultants deliver a program-level overview of all the relevant schedules that generally exist in the P6 database.


We analyze, create and modify activities in an open schedule. Our team is expert enough to provide six views that are as follows:

  • Activity details.
  • Activity usage spreadsheet.
  • Activity usage profile.
  • Resource usage spreadsheet.
  • Resource usage profile.
  • Activity logic.

Work breakdown structure

In Work Break Structure, we typically analyze, create, and manage different WBS databases for our clients.

Project expenses

Our experts use to manage indirect costs and expenses of a construction project.


Our expertise is to track display and create tracking layouts for the open project.


We analyze, create and manage resource items specifically at a global level. We use different properties of resources to manipulate the windows.


We deliver open access to the preformatted, text, and graphical reports and report-writing functions.

Work products and documents

We create and assign work products (WPs) and documents (Docs) for an open project.

Project threshold

We add or delete thresholds for an open project that varies on a given parameter, like project beginning date variance that applies to a particular work breakdown structure element. It is useful for our experts to monitor the performance of a project.

Resource Assignments

We help our clients to view, add and delete resources assigned to activities. Our experts provide the same scenario with the activity usage spreadsheet of the activities window.


We tend to add, delete, or calculate risks and their impacts on an entire project. The overall risk score generally varies from 0 to 72 depending on the absolute value of three fields: probability, cost, and schedule. Our effective cost and schedule fields genuinely demand an impact field relatively high to compute the score.

Project issues

We deal with the addition, deletion, or modification of problems for an open project. Our given issue files are quite useful to track the ongoing history of any specific activity.

Our Primavera P6 Scheduling has dictionaries that contain codes and settings to assign projects and activities. We generally operate or manage codes and settings through our P6 dictionaries. It is useful for calendars, activity step templates, activity codes, user-defined fields.

Primavera P6 scheduling services

Our series of schedule management plans with Primavera P6 helps manage the timely completion of a specific project. Following are the few processes for construction schedule management by our primavera P6 scheduling consultants

  • Defining.
  • Publishing.
  • Monitoring.

Our Process of Primavera Scheduling Services

Our primavera schedule management involves comprehensive details about the Primavera schedules to apply project information and build up the schedule. Our expert primavera P3 scheduling consultants and primavera P6 scheduling consultants define few conditions required to develop the schedule. In the beginning, we create a work breakdown structure that ensures the quality of the schedule. Furthermore, few activities are involved, like engineering procurement, construction, and commissioning to complete a project. Later on, the project generally defines the activity dependencies (logical relationships) to develop the construction sequence’s nature.

Logical relationships involve four different types.

  • Finish to Start (FS)
  • Start to Start (SS)
  • Start to Finish (SF)
  • Finish to Finish (FF)

It results in different sequenced activities.

Furthermore, expert primavera scheduling consultants estimate the duration of specific activity through employing estimation methods. Our primavera project scheduling consultants team draws the project network diagram and calculates the critical path of the project.

Our schedule publishing consists of a few essential steps like negotiating the schedule with stakeholders and attaining approval. After having everyone’s agreement, our team completes the schedule, publish and store it as a schedule baseline.

We deliver schedule monitoring that genuinely determines the project’s current status and makes valid performance calculations to understand the process of project formation. Our project manager involve earned value management to perform forensic schedule delay analysis and examines actions to bring the schedules back to their original status.

Our primavera scheduling services are an advanced project program with portfolio management capabilities to help schedulers and plan engineers to perform the complete process for successful construction schedule management. Our Team members typically use it to develop the project schedule, allocate resources, perform resource levelling and assign dependencies to create baselines.

Are you exploring reliable Primavera Scheduling Services near me?

We are expert enough to deliver reliable primavera project scheduling services to communicate, plan, and analyze a project’s scope and schedule. VTI Consultants have professional primavera project scheduling consultants to provide proactive and forensic consulting services to utilize up-to-date construction management technology. We also identify and eliminate future delays and cost overruns by integrating a project’s cost.