Construction Scheduling Services

Are you exploring reliable construction scheduling services for your construction project? If yes, our construction scheduling consultants manage to deliver efficient construction scheduling services for your construction project. VTI Consultants has team of expert construction scheduling consultant in the industry to assist you with a timely schedule. Our professional team of scheduling consultants are capable enough to manage all of your company’s scheduling needs, along with greater efficiency, and helps to save you at every job site. We are recognized as the top leading consulting company across the country. Our construction scheduling services allow project managers to control different aspects like schedules, resource allocation, and project monitoring.

Our Construction Scheduling Services include

  • Expert Program Scheduling
  • Cost and resource loading of CPM scheduling
  • Schedule analysis
  • Project control tool
  • Evaluate the effect of changes
  • Improve work efficiency
  • Periodic updating of schedules
  • Completion and turnaround scheduling
  • Window and look-ahead scheduling
  • Schedule analysis
  • Evaluate the effect of changes
  • Design phase scheduling
  • Preparation of Schedule reports
  • Progress completion verification
  • Analysis, preparation for delays and disruption claims
  • Construction Phase Scheduling
  • Contract time determination for project bids.
  • Master Program Scheduling
Construction Scheduling Services

Our effective methods of construction scheduling services

Our Construction Scheduling Consultants mainly benefits your construction project by utilizing the following useful schedule analysis methods.

As-built schedule

We deliver an As-built schedule from the project records, such as daily logs, diaries, and project correspondence. Our construction scheduling consultants demand an effort to develop the as-built schedule while performing construction scheduling services. However, still few gaps are left in the progress information and recover through the recollection of data from the project manager and judgment of the investigator.

Updated impact schedule

Our updated impact schedule manages to deliver a baseline schedule with progress information and compares it to a project completion date.

As-planned schedule

Our as-planned schedule describes how a contractor builds a project. The owner submits this same schedule and later turn it into a baseline schedule.

Comparison Schedule

We deliver a Comparison Schedule that shows a comparison of two schedules sent by a contractor. One that is without causative factors, and the other one is with the causative factors. After this comparison, we will prove the real reason behind delays in a construction project.

Accelerated Schedule

In this schedule, we implement some adjustments to the project’s baseline schedule to complete it within time. In this way, we collect the cost associated with the acceleration of the project.

Recovery Schedule

Our Recovery Schedule is similar to an accelerated schedule in the same sense that both (Contractor and owner) make adjustments to compress it efficiently. We ensure the completion of the project within a specific date and time. We utilize this schedule when a contractor causes a delay, and the owner is worried about the contract finish date.

Float Analysis

Our float analysis defines the maximum amount of time taken in a delay of your relevant project. We analyse the delayed time from the beginning without delaying the whole project.

Resource loading/Cost loading/Resource levelling:

Resource Loading

Resource loading or resource allocation is a particular task in which we allocate resources to each activity in a specific amount of time. We help to load each action with the number of required resources to calculate the budget.

Resource leveling

We involves the lowering of fluctuations in a day-to-day resources throughout the project during resource leveling. It usually occurs with a gradual shifting of noncritical activities within their available float and attempts to have the daily usage of certain resources uniformly.

Cost Loading

Cost loading mainly includes labor, equipment, and materials as a resource. During cost loading, we assign the cost of each particular activity that is equivalent to the project’s budget.

How our Construction Scheduling Services will help you?

Our expert construction scheduling consultants will help you in many ways with project scheduling. Following are the main benefits anyone can acquire during our construction scheduling services.

Evaluation of the project completion date

General Contractors, subcontractors, and other construction project team members finalize your project within a fixed date specified in the contract. Our professional contractor efficiently ensures the project completion date.

Evaluate the beginning and end of a specific activity

In construction scheduling services, specific activities require special attention, like ordering and delivering materials and equipment.

Coordination among trades and subcontractors to expose and adjust conflicts

Our general contractor coordinates with different subcontractors to allocate a certain time usage of a tower crane that ensures the adequate available workspace. For example, Our drywall contractor never starts his work until the framing has finished. Moreover, after the installation of drywall, the painter begins painting and so on.

Analyze and calculate the cash flow

Our contractor considers the required time of an activity that impacts the cash flow.

Enhance work efficiency

A general contractor can save time and money by efficiently distributing workers and equipment through efficient material management. We benefit our clients by elevating work efficiency through our effective construction management services.

Effective project control tool

Our project control tool comprises a solid base that helps to attain current performance. We work by comparing the actual schedule and budget with a baseline schedule through project control tools.

Evaluation of the change effects

Usually, well-planned projects have few or minor change orders, although change orders are inevitable. We are directive to make the change and request evaluation before authorization. After our evaluation, it impacts the budget, schedule, or even both.

Prove delay claims

With the help of project schedules, many contractors prove delay claims against owners. A critical path method schedule (CPM) might be a multimillion-dollar choice to approve or disprove a delay claim.

Upload documents that define the scope of work (drawings, specifications). We will review and get back with a questionnaire about the project, quote, and expected completion date.


How our baseline schedule and project control foster success for your project?

Our expert baseline schedules assist you in forecasting and tracking your construction project’s progress, from contract milestones to retain its cost complaint. A change in an established baseline schedule will allow the project control to monitor progress and quality.

Why do you need VTI Consultants for the Construction Scheduling of your project?

VTI Consultants approaches to discover major shortcoming and consider active strategies to deliver you cost-effective solutions similar to your project specifications and efficient working with all the participants. Our Construction Scheduler will help you to deliver professional Construction Scheduling Services.

Construction Scheduling Services

How to begin with our Scheduling Consultants?

To begin with, our professional construction scheduling consultants works perfectly according to the demands of our clients. Our efficient construction scheduling services starts with the following process.

  • Consult us now and upload your project relevant drawings, specifications, and other pertinent documents that elaborate the main scope of work.
  • Our Scheduling consultants will send you a relevant questionnaire about the project within a few hours. It also follows the quote, estimated completion date, and professional services agreement.
  • Once you signed the agreement, then our team will begin working on it. The first comprehensive draft will be sent to you for review and follow by a phone call and discuss any necessary adjustments.

Which software do we utilize in our consulting services?

Our expert scheduling consultants mainly uses top-grade software to deliver effective Construction Scheduling services. A few of them are written below:

MS Project:

MS Project is considered an industry-standard project management tool that features the Microsoft Office suite of products. It allows its users to extract scheduling and financial insights from different projects. We deliver critical project information and centralise essential data in one place to result in higher performance. It is effective to provide users to create an extensive report that shows the project completion time.

Microsoft Project – Critical
Microsoft Project – Critical Tasks

Microsoft Project – Resource Overview
Microsoft Project – Multiple Timeline View

Oracle Primavera P6

This leading software is useful for dealing with a project, resource, and portfolio management. Our construction Schedular at VTI Consultants are mainly expert in utilizing, implementing, and training different P6. Our expert Schedule Consultants demonstrate a history of expert proficiency in Scheduling projects and project controls using Primavera Software. Our professional construction scheduling consultants develop an in-depth knowledge of all Primavera software and apply it to P6’s functionality.

Project Management- Gantt Chart
Project Management- Gantt Chart
Resource Management- Periodic Usage Chart
Resource Management- Periodic Usage Chart
Planning a construction consulting company
Planning a construction consulting company
Collaboration -Presentation of High-level information.
Portfolio Management- Status of My projects
Portfolio Management- Status of My projects
Construction scheduling- Bar Chart with a summary
Construction scheduling- Bar Chart with a summary


Revit can assist you in delivering enhanced geometric models to interpret and visualize complicated project plans. It allows user to develop models and drawings in both 2D and 3D concepts. Unlike other applications, Revit mainly provides for the creation of 2D and 3D pictures simultaneously. It also delivers effective landscape design, parametric components, and energy-efficient design relevant to construction scheduling services.

Revit-3D building
Revit-3D Modeling BIM
Revit-BIM Modeling

Are you exploring “Construction Scheduling Services near me”?

VTI Consultants is here with its professional team of construction scheduling consultants to deliver you reliable construction scheduling services near your locality. We are efficient enough to use all the modern software to provide accurate and efficient results. Our schedule consultants usually use MS Project, Oracle Primavera P6 and Revit scheduling software to draw and deliver both 2D and 3D drawings.