South Miami Heights WTP Reservoir and High Service Pump Station in Miami, Florida.

A reputable construction company MDWASD opts to construct the finished water reservoir, one of four treatment plants, and competitive service for pump building to complete it at once. It also allows the facility to have temporary utilization, as a remote finished water storage booster pump station to produce water and other treatment facilities. It does not include any provision to provide electrical services and ammonia and chlorine storage and feed systems. They have also consulted VTI Consultants to have accurate CPM Scheduling and Construction Consulting services to complete this project within a specific time and budget. We also verify the effective functioning of the facility. This whole project gets managed by providing $530,000 in cost savings to the owner.

After having construction consulting from VTI Consultants, the P & K gets responsibility for scheduling, coordinating, procurement, and executing different aspects of the construction of the facilities and equipment. This project includes one 5 million gallons (M.G.) reinforced concrete finished water storage reservoir tank by measuring an approximation of 173 feet by 194 feet and 24 feet deep.