FLL Expansion of Runway 9R – 27L, Site Preparation, and Navaids

Broward County Aviation owns this project, and it costs a valuation amount of $16.2 M. This project includes demolition and underground utilities that include soil improvements in the land of approximately 700K square yards. The specific methods involved are Cementitious oil mixing, mass vibration tamping, and vibration rod in preparation for an up-to-date 8000 runway and taxiway embankment placement of more than 7 million cubic yards. It includes an implementation of stormwater pollution, prevention, and dust control programs. It also involves maintenance of Airside traffic operations that provide for airfield lighting and temporary pavement marking. Moreover, this project mainly includes contaminated soil remediation, removal, and replacement of storm systems and underground duct banks for power, communication, and airfield lighting. The contractor company has consulted us for the CPM Scheduling and Construction Consulting Services. Our expert team of CPM Consultants has managed this project and renovation to get completed on time and within a limited budget. This airport’s wall construction is more than 350K square feet in area with heights of approximately 60ft. Its installation also involves more than 20K of linear feet of storm drainage, including structures and end walls.