City of sparkle water treatment plant #8

The city of Clearwater treatment plant wants to build an advanced type of facility capable of producing its water to supplement the city’s potable water supply. This new facility can deliver water with less expansivity while comparing Tampa Bay water entities’ prices.

This project is lead by a very famous and professional construction company in Florida that is Poole and Kent Company. They have led professional installation by teaching an edge reverse osmosis water treatment system that genuinely increases the water production provided by high-quality drinking water at an affordable price. It is consulted by experts at VTI Consultants to complete the project within time and budget. We deal with this project through our reliable construction Claim consulting services and construction consulting services. This project is designed to accommodate all the relevant future growth requirements.

The reputable construction company named P & K performs its construction services in a new 6.25 MGD brackish reverse osmosis water treatment plant to include both raw water supply and deep injection well for concentrate disposal. Their services scope consists of demolition of existing structures through having the generator room, pump room, chemical room, and other formats. New 2.5 million gallons extensively finished the water ground storage tank, and piping modifications to the existing 5.0 MG ended water ground storage tank. Several site improvements include landscaping, yard piping, storm drainage system, miscellaneous concrete pads, one dumpster enclosure, sidewalks, and various parking areas and roadways.