New York State Capital Roof Renovations

VTI Consultants have delivered professional construction management services for the New York state office of general services on the multi-phased restoration of a construction project that involves a historic NYS Capital roof. This building’s roof includes an intricate network of roofing areas and systems with an extensive hipped slate of roof with different multiple granite dormers and four extensive granite chimneys. It also contains two smaller granite pyramid roofs and diverse smaller slate and built-up membrane roofs with numerous dormers and penthouses.

This historic restoration of the construction project includes repairing two historic skylights and decorative spark lights placed above the assembly monument stone. It also involves renovation and reorganization of the interior spaces, relocation of the existing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment, removal and replacement of approximately 2500 pieces of architectural terra cotta, and installing new copper flashings at all roof transitions and gutters. This project gets completed with an estimated amount of $2.8 million and within two years.