Additions and renovations are underway for Broadway school district 27

It facilitates a master plan to transform schools in Antioch School district 34 for future generations to attend it. The construction company works with construction managers for $24.3 million programs, including additions and renovations at Oakland and W.C. petty schools. This project is a master plan that includes shifting to a k-5 configuration and more significant equity of space across the district. VTI Consultants have successfully delivered expert construction consulting services and CPM Scheduling to complete this construction project on time and within budget. A contractor supports through extensive community engagement and pre-planning of project costs, scheduling, phasing, logistics, and safety. The schools will remain operational throughout construction, emphasizing securing the students, staff, and community. Contractors maintain the discipline of the studies and construction work before communicating with the owner. They ensure teamwork in a different educational environment that does not impact the construction.