General Assembly Building of Virginia

A newly developed general assembly office building (GAB) is built specifically for the Virginia State Legislature. It occurs by replacing an approximate area of 420,000 square feet of existing buildings that lie on the corner of the different streets in downtown Richmond, VA. Construction of a new building demands to undergo the previous building by abatement and demolition. Contractors also manage the particular support and phase renovations to deliver adequate swing space for the general assembly. Their renovations mainly demand construction claim consulting and CPM Scheduling. VTI Consultants have provided it with the effort to fulfill the demands of the contractor. Our professional CPM Consultants managed to procure consultants’ efforts to complete the project on time and within budget. The building design also reflects the historic nature of Capital Square’s surroundings or incorporates different architectural elements. The contractors assist their expertise and save the landmark façade throughout construction and contain a new and classic design. They kept the historical heritage along with the elaborative form of exterior limestone to save its features. Their team constructs a temporary steel bracing tower by supporting the soon freestanding façade.

The new general assembly building is under construction, and this project might get completed at the end of 2021.