South County Regional Water Treatment Plant 12 MGD Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) Expansion

This project has expanded water treatment capacity and can accommodate a potential future that increases the raw water salinity using excess concentrate disposal pressure to drive the interstage pumping and reduce electrical energy demand by 450 horsepower. It also affects the taste and odor control with the enormous capacity of emergency power supply systems. It also contains the potential for optimizing finished water quality by blending already treated water from the existing lime softening system with the osmosis system.

This project has consulted an expert consultation company named VTI Consultants seeking a community with extensive water treatment plant expertise. Collier County demands increasing the capacity of its reverse osmosis (ROP) water treatment plant and upgrading the automation with electrical reliability at the existing (LSP) lime softening treatment plant to fulfill the county’s demands. They expand their current 8-and reserve osmosis process from Poole and Kent Company. Our performance in construction consulting has benefited this project to complete it on time and within budget.

This project includes few major elements like Six new high-pressure 2-mg, R.O. treatment skids. Six new 400-horsepower vertical turbine membrane feed pumps with variable frequency drives. Two new odor control systems with a new electrical service and a new electrical service building. It also has four new 400 horsepower vertical turbine high-service pumps and an upgraded electrical system to support the new skids, including a new generator, pump drives, switchgear, and substation.