Big Bend Modernization project, Florida

This project involves a small conversion of the existing 60 years old Big Bend coal-fired power station in Florida, US. It demands a conversion into natural gas-fire and combined-cycle operations building. An evaluation of this cost is $853m and has a capacity of 1090 MW (new facility).

The modernization of this project involves a CPM Schedule to complete this project within time and budget. It helps to repower the plant’s oldest unit Big Bend-1 (445MW), with a 1090MW two in one combined-cycle company. It decommissions the Big Bend 2 (445 MW), whereas the other two Big bends three and Big Bend 4, 486 MW will typically get to be operational.

This Big Bend Power Station is owned and operated by Tampa Electric (TECO) as a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Canada-Based company, and after a thorough TECO, actually announced the Big Bend modernization project in May 2018. They secure the final approval from the Government of Florida in July 2019. All the construction activities begin in the third quarter of 2019. Our CPM Schedules have helped them manage the whole construction project and complete it within time and budget.