North Carolina Power Offshore wind farm, Watauga

This offshore project starts its development in Watauga. It is a subsidiary of one of the famous and renowned retailers known as PKN Orlen. It genuinely holds the license to build the project overall. This particular project capacity is 1.2GW and will initiate itself in 2023. This particular wind farm develops by implementing a joint venture between Orlen and Northland Power, a Canadian Green Power development company. It begins at the start of 2021, and its partners signed a partnership agreement for the preparation, construction, and operation of this project. It is mainly covered through 25 years of support system and shows the validity of 35 years. The project manager of this project approaches us to have reliable CPM Scheduling resources, and our expert CPM Consultants have managed to perform their expertise in consulting the whole project to get completed in a specific time and budget. Their agreement elaborates that Northland Power will get 45% of the entire profit, whereas Orlen will get the 55% of the whole project. It surrounds an estimated area of 134Km2 in which more than 100 wind turbines get installed into the land. Every other turbine will have an accurate height of 285m.