Florida Power and Light company has selected Blattner Energy and Black and Veatch to install their eight new universal solar projects.

Florida Power and Light Company have performed their installation services to Blattner Energy and Black Veatch to install the Eight new universal solar projects through the two providers of renewable energy engineering, procurement, and Construction (EPC) services.

The Blattner energy provider is the EPC Contractor for four 74.5 MW solar power plants. Each project’s estimated capital cost is less than $1500/ KWac among the lowest cost solar built in America. Both the EPC Contractors mainly commit to hiring Florida Residents to have a strong record of delivering projects on time. We previously served the EPC Contractor for the three 74.5 MW FPL Solar plants entirely completed in 2016.

VTI Consultants have managed to perform their CPM Scheduling and FPL Construction company and assist them effectively in completing their construction project. FPL is usually ranked as one of the cleanest and most reliable energy providers in the nation. Their costs are comparatively less, which is why they are working with us for the past ten years. It is cost-effective, operated for a lifetime, and delivers millions of dollars in long-term net savings for FPL customers.