Cumberland School in District #6

This particular project demands the renovation and addition services of two different closely operated schools. Both the schools are differentiated, with only one mile and a half apart. Phase 1 of the Garvin Memorial school demands additional services that include a new school, housing students specifically from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. They also require modern design, dimming lights, occupancy sensors, ventilation, air conditioning controls, and heating services. This wireless and high-speed internet speed gets access to streams throughout the building, including new projectors, phone systems, and different security controls. On the other hand, Ashton Elementary school also contains addition and renovation services in which the features of the 21st century involve. There are few modern learning and high-efficiency design elements that are also essential to incorporate inside it.

VTI Consultants have expert CPM Consultants that can easily manage this project by challenging the working of a particular site that mainly contains two different functional schools, as mentioned above. In the end, the single school gets to incorporate himself to make this place operational. Every other class standard manages new areas that work during the whole year and teardown the older areas during holidays like summers or winters. We have managed to deliver expert CPM Scheduling of the complete project to maintain its safe environment and security.

The complete project’s size is approximately 232,000 square feet, it took 35 months to complete it successfully, and we deliver Construction Consulting Services and CPM Scheduling to fulfill the project demands.