Weapons Storage and Inspection Facility

This federal unit is located in Albany, Georgia, and costs an evaluation of $14 million. The Weapons Storage and Inspection Facility project size is 56,345 Square Feet and certified as LEED Gold. A reputable construction firm like VTI Consultants has selected to deliver the Construction Consulting of a low rise in weapons storage and inspection facilities consisting of precast concrete walls and roof systems. The replacement of an approximate 56345 Square Feet area of single-story precast walls and roof system. Walls and Roof replacement of 56589 Square feet of single-story has affected the existing weapons storage. A few building interior features include masonry units with hollow metal, insulated flush doors, open metal-framed windows, vinyl composition tile floors in the administrative spaces, and sealed concrete floors.

As South Georgia’s temperature fluctuates, this building construction accommodates the sufficient temperature and climate control system that refers to the stored equipment. This building includes industrial finishes in a shop and different high bay areas with adequate security-rated doors and frames. This project gains consultation services by VTI Consultants to have practical completion of this construction project. This project also includes basic telephone, computer network, fiber optic, cable television, security and fire alarm, and mass communication.