University of South Carolina research center

This university demands a new construction project of a biomedical research building and parking garage. This mixed-use research center and innovative district plan co-locate private and public research centers. In this project, the construction contractor is Gilbane Constructions, which helps them construct a biomedical laboratory and parking garage. This 110,00 Square Feet facility consists of biomedical wet and dry labs associated with cancer research space, office space, and vivarium. This eight-story precasting parking garage consists of majorly 1400 areas. Its second floor dedicates to office and research support functions that can easily configure a process to adapt to the different research demands. They have also collaborated with the VTI Consultant’s team to fully understand the sub-basement plan designs and the specific required amount of access to the mechanical annex. The primary team can develop an alternate space design that majorly allows on-grade access to generate cost-effective methods for the clients.