Maryland Public Health Laboratory

This laboratory project is located in Baltimore, MD, and occupies an approximate space of 265,220 Square Feet. Maryland Public Health Laboratory is home to a broad range of programmatic functions to serve the lab’s mission, including sample receiving, testing, and training. This project consists of a build-out of laboratory areas with an open and modular configuration relevant for productive and flexible testing. The building is relatively closed from every side that helps to isolate heat and noise delivering equipment. They are also centrally assessed to receive and identify routine samples. This biosafety level 3 pre-screening labs also process few pieces that include additional BSL3 containment areas throughout the building to deliver safe computer and laboratory groups. They facilitate a self-contained ABSL3 and animal rabies lab, classroom, computer, and laboratory training areas. They also designed to operate similar to surge labs during a public health crisis. It demands installing and commissioning complex equipment, including an extensive number of autoclaves and a tissue digester. They have staff office areas, conference rooms, lockers, and different breakers on each particular floor. VTI Consultants manage this project by performing its CPM Scheduling and Construction Claims Consulting Services. Our expert CPM Schedulers manage to maintain the project alteration within a possible amount of time and money.