FLL High-Speed Taxiways and Taxiway rehabilitation

The Broward County Aviation authority owns FLL High-speed taxiways and taxiway rehabilitation. VTI Consultants control its construction management, and its valuation is approximately $22.4M. This project includes the construction of a new asphalt runway and taxiway paving according to FAA specifications. It also provides stormwater pollution prevention, airside traffic, pavement marking, utility construction in contaminated conditions. It also demands removing and replacing storm systems and underground duct banks for communication and airfield lighting. Having services of VTI Consultants helps to improve its capabilities through our expert CPM Scheduling and consultancy. Our CPM Schedules and Construction consulting have improved this project to meet the deadline within a specific budget. This project also involves piping that is of 36-48 RCP along with the concrete structures. Our competitive earthwork and disposal of all soil and spoils result from demolition work like pavement excavation for overall underground work. This project is one of our significant achievements to deal with it effectively and different capabilities to succeed the whole construction project within less time.