Crew Public access improvements

This project costs an evaluation of $488,884 and is located in Immokalee, Florida. It is a marine building project, and Marine Work Construction manages its construction. They have hired our expert Consulting services that include CPM Scheduling and Construction Claims Consulting. Our expert CPM Scheduler managed to deliver reliable consulting services to make this project successful. Marine Work Construction tends to layout the Boardwalk through a specific location. They provide a structure of Boardwalk’s route from the start to the end of the project. The approximate length of this project is 1500. A specific amount of room is required to construct A 6 feet inside dimension. After an estimation by our experts, the Boardwalk should be less than 48 inches. Its beginning and end shall have an ADA accessible ramp with a minimum pitch of 1:12, and the total approximate footage of Boardwalk is 8400 square feet.