Cost Escalation Analysis

VTI Consultants are expert enough to construct historical pricing profiles specifically for the construction materials. Many long-term construction projects experience inflation of material prices that cause disputes between the owners and contractors. During this scenario, Material and Labor escalation clauses tend to utilize these contractual tools to adjust the changes in prices of materials. Due to the shift in forensic material escalation analysis, it eventually performs to quantify material cost adjustments in a particular manner that is reasonable to both owners and contractors.

Cost Escalation Services

We technically manage to perform Cost Escalation Analysis with the use of different pricing indexes and historical data. Our material Cost Escalation Analysis tends to be a helpful tool by delivering comprehensive preconstruction, during, and after construction reports.

Material Escalation Analysis

Our Material Escalation Analysis tends to be an objective tool for dispute avoidance and claims mitigation. It is quite useful to consider it as a neutral tool to resolve a dispute. Our experts manage to combine it with the reviewed prediction of cost for an ongoing project to avoid further clashes.

VTI Consultants is quite expert and effective in delivering material escalation analysis to increase your efforts, whether you are a contractor or subcontractor. We are versatile in proving material escalation, or an owner is trying to protect against the price increases of material expenses.

Our reliable material escalation analysis also plays an essential role that works proactively in drafting contract documents. We also involve forensic investigation with expert reports and witness testimony to deliver litigation support.

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