Fire Protection Shop Drawings Services

fire protection shop drawings servicesVTI Consultants is a professional platform to perform fire protection shop drawings services and 3D modeling with all the essential information. Our fire protection shop drawings are for fire protection systems like fire sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems to submit for review and approval before system installation.

We are a reputed consulting engineering firm that caters engineering, architecture and construction industry. Our team of qualified and accomplished engineers are dedicated with a passion for delivering successful results.

Fire Protection Shop Drawings Services Deliverables

Our Fire Protection Shop Drawings include the following information.

  • Comprehensive Scope of Work
  • Scaled plan with the indicated scale
  • North directional indicator
  • A compilation of total square footage of the work area or tenant space
  • Install fire safety symbols of NFPA-170 with the currently adopted edition.
  • All the indications of shop drawings and installations comply with the NFPA 13, with the currently adopted edition.
  • Manage a product spec sheet for the number of sprinkler system components
  • Identification of the following things
    • Occupancy Classification
    • Commodity Classification
    • Classification of Hazard
  • Piping material information, hangar details and location. We also provide a note on the plan that indicates that hangar spacing is according to the specialized authorities
  • We will indicate if there’s a need for any storage like (racks, palletized rack storage, pallets, encapsulated, storage of idle pallets, etc.)
  • Proper indication of specific locations where there is rack storage or shelving with a scaled layout, elevations and type of racks or shelves that is being used in it
  • We include an A-sectional drawing for all the areas with drop-down ceilings or concealed spaces.
  • A particular location and identification of all valves
    • Isolation Valves
    • Water Flow Alarms
    • Tamper Switches/Alarms
    • Fire Department Connections (FDC’s)
    • Backflow Prevention Devices
  • Certified location of Fire Pump with the relevant material like size, capacity, etc
  • Spare Sprinklers
  • Concealed spaces
  • All the information on the shop drawings are based on the hydraulic nameplate for the system
  • Hydraulic calculations demand the addition or relocation of seven or more fire sprinkler heads
  • Hydraulic Calculations include the followings
    • Provide a summary sheet
    • Provide a comprehensive worksheet
    • Provide a Graph Sheet

Our Fire Protection Shop Drawings includes

Our fire protection shop drawings consultants deliver fire protection system design for the followings

  • Sprinkler heads
  • Control valves
  • Check valves
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Inspectors test valve
  • Calculation plate
  • Hangers
  • Mains
  • Branch lines

Our fire sprinkler drawings include layout, floor plan, schematic, schedules and different details.

Our Fire Sprinkler System Services

We deliver the following fire protection drawings to our clients.

  • Fire systems drawings
  • Fire Sprinkler CAD Drawings
  • Fire Sprinkler Drawings
  • Fire Protection Drawing
  • Fire Plan Drawings
  • Fire Suppression Drawings
  • Fire Fighting System CAD Drawings
  • Our Fire protection shop drawings services consist of a water supply system for appropriate pressure and flow rate of a water distribution piping system connected to a fire sprinkler. With time, the practical usage of fire sprinkler increases thrice than before. It is confined to large industrial plants, and now the fire sprinkler system extends residential buildings and homes.

    Many construction buildings are extensively controlled through fire sprinklers, and we offer a wide variety of fire sprinklers shop drawings that helps to extinguish the fire in the initial stage.

    Our working methodology

    We involve a more significant amount of methodology to deliver reliable fire protection shop drawings

    • Firewater demand
    • Area requirements/sprinkler density
    • Examine building fire flow demand
    • Sprinkler system types
    • Sprinkler system layout
  • Sprinkler positioning
  • Piping layout and design
  • Preparation of sprinkler layout
  • Preparation of sprinkler layout
  • We execute with its innovation and dedication to cater for the different sectors of the AEC industry. We adapt to the market demand and imply the most efficient method and working with the target client. Our top-notch fire protection shop drawings service does the full justice for the different jobs. We have grown the qualitative business and aptitude over the years and take immense pride in our practical solutions and price ranges.

    Why VTI Consultants?

    We are distinctive among other competitors due to the following reasons

    • Cost-effective price
    • Supportive consultancy
    • Transparent working methodology
    • Time-bound delivery
    • Skilled and knowledgeable professionals
    • Innovative solutions
    • Cutting edge technology
    • Long-term business association
    • Ongoing project discourse

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    Our Fire protection Shop Drawing Process

    We are efficient enough to follow a standard process to generate qualitative fire protection shop drawing for fabricators, engineers and contractors. Below is the process of our Fire Protection Shop Drawing Services

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    Here’s the reply to your answer. VTI Consultants is available to deliver you efficient and professional fire protection shop drawings services. Our fire protection shop drawings deal with the four types of fire protection systems like fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems to submit for review and approval before the process of installation. We have hired qualified and skilled engineers to deliver you successful results.